Nové luxury edibles are created using the synchronicity of cannabis and chocolate

Cannabis and chocolate have a lot in common. Both are derived from plants, and the variety and flavors of the plant start from where it’s grown. There are 3 types of cacao, just as there are 3 types of cannabis. Consuming both also lead to similar chemical effects in your brain. Cacao beans produce a cannabinoid of their own and bind to the same receptors as cannabis.

When cannabis and chocolate are consumed together, it leaves users with a happy, indulgent, and elevated feeling that goes pleasurably together. Using this concept, Nové has developed flavor profiles that are designed to leave users with the highest possible luxury taste and experience.

Nové luxury chocolate edibles use sustainably sourced ingredients

Our luxury chocolate experience starts when the seeds are planted by our cannabis farmers, and by our chocolate farmers.

Nové takes pride in sourcing ethically produced and high-quality ingredients giving the best flavor experience possible. We use craft chocolate imported from top chocolate growing conditions in South America. Our chocolatier cannabis chefs carefully create concoctions with exact measurements of each ingredient ensuring quality-control and entourage effect.

Our luxury cannabis chocolates are filled with delicious, complementary flavors, creating familiar pairings we love. As a part of the Medically Correct brand, Nové luxury chocolates are designed with expertise, taking flavor profiles and cannabinoid matching to the next level. This creates the most luxurious cannabis experience you can imagine.

6 Cannabis Chocolate Flavor Options Offered

by Nové Luxury Chocolates

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