Rituals have been around practically since the beginning of time. Whatever the reasoning behind them, people have an intention when creating rituals. History shows cannabis was often used by many different cultures and ancient civilizations for multiple purposes, including ceremonial rituals. So how can this all be applied when talking about marijuana edibles in today’s world?

Different Ways You Can Enhance Your Chocolate Edible Ritual

The good news is you don’t need to build an altar to have a and edible ritual! To help get you started, we put together a list of 9 ways you can elevate every day with your Nové Luxury Chocolates.

  1. Put some movement into your ritual by doing yoga

    Yoga and cannabis are pretty much synonymous with one another. There are even books talking about the overarching benefits of combining both. Ingesting a chocolate edible can heighten your senses and calm your mind of other distractions during your practice. Some people say they even felt more in tune with their body and connected better with the poses.
    Woman practicing yoga in various poses (asana)

  2. Make your luxury chocolate edible a nightly treat

    Our decadent, filled chocolates make the perfect dessert! Eating one 30 minutes or so before going to bed can get you prepped for a deep night’s sleep, leaving you feeling well-rested for the next day.

  3. Keep feeling soothed and relaxed with a warm bath

    Nothing quite beats a warm bath with low lights, scented candles, and a chocolate edible. Throw in CBD-infused bath salts for an extra dose of relaxation!

  4. Pair your edible with other cannabis products

    Chocolate and cannabis can help boost your level of ‘happy hormones’ when paired together. The different flavor profiles for flower and other cannabis products will complement the chocolate. We go into even more detail about this in another blog about which cannabis strains we found would go great with our various chocolate edible flavors!

  5. Remain mindful and present when unboxing the package

    When we’re constantly moving or involved in other activities, it can be hard to slow down and take our time. Instead of ripping open the box, take the time to appreciate what you’re doing. Breathe in the fresh, chocolatey aroma and really indulge in that first bite.An image of a female model with curly hair indulging in a piece of Nove luxury chocolates.

  6. Set the mood with lighting and music

    Remember, these are luxury marijuana chocolates, not just another box of candy from the store! Ambient lighting and good music can make a huge difference in your attitude and mindset. Prep your space with whatever kind of vibe fits you best.

  7. Try going for a walk or hike through nature

    There’s a reason so many people love spending time outdoors after consuming cannabis. Not only is it incredibly tranquil, but it’s a great way to escape and recharge from daily stressors.

  8. Take it with your morning coffee

    Two of the best C’s in the dictionary: cannabis and coffee. If you want a good start to your day, having a THC edible is the way to go! And who said you can’t have chocolate for breakfast? Pro tip: drop a square of our Cafe Cappuccino flavor into your mug for a delicious creamer alternative.
    Nove cannabis-infused luxury chocolates resting on a small plate with raspberries; the plate rests on a breakfast tray. Discover your edible ritual.

  9. Put on your favorite movie or show

    After a long week, treating yourself to delicious edibles and a weekend of Netflix and chill sounds like a good place to start! Watching your favorite movie or TV show will only add to the euphoric and content feelings you’ll have after indulging in world-class marijuana chocolate. 

Let Your Edible Ritual Be a Reflection of Your Personality and Enjoyment with Cannabis!

We all have our own rituals, whether we’re conscious of them or not. Creating one for cannabis is far from unheard of and can bring new meaning to the idea of holistic wellness. Just as you might have your favorite papers and methods of rolling up a joint, we want you to adopt an edible ritual that can forever transform your overall experience.

Elevating a person’s day by offering an affordable, luxury experience is our mission at Nové. We know even ordinary days deserve a touch of indulgence. Only the best ingredients and a team of culinary experts would suffice when making our edibles. That’s because we believe your cannabis ritual should be one of your favorite parts of your day.

What does your edible ritual look like? Tag us on Instagram at @noveisluxury so we can gush over it! Also, don’t forget to stock up on your favorite chocolate edible flavor. There’s nothing worse than reaching for an empty wrapper!