As reported on Yahoo! Finance, MarketWatch, and AP News, among other media sources, Nové Luxury Cannabis Gummies have launched in Colorado!  Four new flavors are available to adult-use consumers, including Sunrise Lemon Rose, Blueberry Basil Garden, Arctic Cloudberry Matcha, and Caribbean Mango Chile.  Crafted with plant-based ingredients such as all-natural fruit puree, these luxury edibles are dusted with unique, aromatic sugars for a delicious texture and sweetness.

Nove Luxury Edibles' new Lemon Rose gummy on a black background, surrounded by a sprinkling of sugar.

Elevate your high, but always consume responsibly

Packages contain 100mg THC and ten gummy pieces, each dosed at 10mg THC. To ensure quality, safety, and dosage consistency, all infused products undergo triple lab testing at a certified facility.  Crafted by Medically Correct, the creators of the famed, best-selling incredibles line, our team has been manufacturing edibles since 2010.  As industry veterans, we’ve seen in all, and always encourage consumers to start low and go slow.  Never tried an edible?  Decadent as these new luxury cannabis gummies are, start with just half a piece and wait at least two hours before taking another bite.

Regardless, even the smallest taste provides a bit of everyday luxury.  At Nové, we encourage the idea of creating a ritual — just as you might have for flower, collecting your favorite accessories and rolling a joint when the clock strikes 4:20.  Perhaps Sunrise Lemon Rose becomes your new favorite way to wake and bake.  Maybe Blueberry Basil Garden becomes your go-to edible to pair with a classic Blue Dream, elevating your high.

Where to find Nové Luxury Cannabis Gummies

Find new Nové Luxury Cannabis Gummies at our exclusive retailers, including Canna BoticaThe Herbal CureWolf Pac CannabisRocky Road AuroraThe Cannabis Depot, and more.  Several of these stores are running specials to celebrate our launch, as much as 50% off!  Sign up for our newsletter to stay up to date on the latest promotions and exclusive offers.
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