Chocolate: Exquisite With and Without Cannabis

Now that life is opening back up… restaurants!  If you’re anything like me, dessert is an important factor when deciding where to go for a delicious meal.  I silently give bonus points to places that include a dessert menu filled with rich chocolate confections of the finest.  Thankfully, there are lots of great places to eat chocolate in Denver!

When creating Nové Luxury Chocolates, we take pride in amplifying that luxury part of our name by filling decadent chocolate with velvety-soft fillings infused with premium cannabis oil.  If you weren’t already aware, chocolate and cannabis pair perfectly together.  The chemical composition, the flavor profiles, the way the body assimilates both…they truly are a match made in heaven.  Don’t just believe me; check out Craft Chocolate and Cannabis to understand why this is.

Whether combining chocolate with cannabis, fruit, nuts, or enjoying it as its own treat, it’s a sumptuous flavor deserving of celebration.  This is precisely why we decided to highlight nine fabulous places to eat chocolate in Denver.  You may want to bookmark this page!

Must-Visit Places To Eat Chocolate in Denver

Chocolate Lab

Delicious plate of food from Chocolate Lab Restaurant: One of nine great placed for chocolate lovers in Denver.

It just made sense to kick off this list with the Chocolate Lab, Denver’s only chocolate-centric restaurant, craft cocktail bar, and chocolate shop.  Whether you want your chocolate with breakfast, lunch, dinner, or dessert, chocolate plays a starring role in nearly every dish!  Try the pan-seared scallops over dark chocolate candied rutabaga, drizzled with dark chocolate soy glaze and white chocolate lemon ginger sake foam.  Then, pair it with a Chocolate Manhattan!  If your chocolate threshold hasn’t been met by the time you finish, top it all off with the Cast-Iron Brownie for dessert.

Bistro Vendome

Cupid statue outside of Bistro Vendome Restaurant in Denver

Ah, Bistro Vendome.  Transport yourself to a Parisian street corner right in the heart of historic Larimer Square.  Enjoy exquisite French cuisine with your love and don’t forget to order dessert!  Their Gaufre au Nutella is to die for – a fluffy, crispy waffle served with bruléed banana, salted hazelnuts, Nutella ice cream, and Chantilly cream.  Finish your meal with a cup of espresso in the courtyard and (pro tip) drop in a piece of our Café Cappuccino bar before you sip!

D Bar

Outside patio of D Bar

“The vibe is cool. Super cool, actually. Denver Central Market is smack in the middle of RiNo (River North), Denver’s artsy-industrial neighborhood. You’ll be Instagramming from the dark wood tables next to young chefs, punk rockers, brewers, and start-up geniuses that run nearby businesses.”

Bon Appetit said it best.  If you’re looking to eat chocolate in Denver, D Bar is the place.  Once you take in the scene, go ahead and admire the gorgeous French-style bonbons of Temper Chocolate, handcrafted by Chocolatier Anna Martinez.  Try the drinking chocolate, salted caramels, and house-made marshmallows.  Toss a piece of Nové Sea Salt Caramel into the mix while you’re indulging!

Little Man Ice Cream

Ice cream with toppings from Little Man Ice Cream

What makes Little Man Ice Cream a destination ice cream shop?  Is it their vintage Coney Island hot dog-shaped stand situated within a 28 foot tall, 14,000 lb. cream can?  Or maybe because for every scoop purchased, they match it with a donated scoop of rice, beans, or other essentials to a community in need anywhere around the world?  Perhaps it’s their dreamy homemade ice cream?  Whichever it is, it’s something to be experienced!  Enjoy a piece of Nové Honey Peanut Butter then head over to have your very own elevated experience paired with a cone of their chunky chocolate peanut butter ice cream!

Nest Cafe at Nurture Wellness Marketplace

A mug on a table at Nest Cafe, one of the best cups of hot chocolate in Denver

Nest Café is just a year old and is already making waves.  Located inside Nurture Wellness Marketplace, it’s a clean, conscious, and wholesome café with the most delicious and powerful cup of cacao.  Order a Legacy Cacao Ritual and sip your intentions deep into your cells.  You’ll be sure to leave at a higher frequency than you started when visiting this chocolate destination in Denver!

Jovanina’s Broken Italian

Plated Food at Jovanina's Italian Restaurant

Jovanina’s award-winning Italian food has all the rich flavors that prep the palate perfectly for a sumptuous chocolate dessert.  Take in their incandescent-lit, romantic ambiance while you enjoy a fresh pasta dish, a pint of Colorado’s finest draft, and slide into home base with their sea salt buttercream-filled Bittersweet Chocolate Whoopie Pie.

Vital Root

Picture of Vital Root Restaurant

Vital Root, one of the Edible Beats restaurant group’s masterpiece restaurants situated in a reformed candy-factory.  Fast SLO food is their shtick, known for their responsibly grown and innovatively simple sourced, veggie-forward fare.  Sit in their outdoor garden, melt a piece of our Glacier Mint in your mouth and enjoy the vibe as they prepare your meal.   Grab a super-moist Hemp Cacao cookie for dessert…or have a few desserts and add in their Tiramisu and Beet Brownie while you’re at it!

City O’ City / Make, Believe Bakery

Chocolate Dessert from Make, Believe Bakery in Denver

Denver’s top vegan, 100% allergy-free bakery…and it’s pure magic!  Either head straight through the magical front entrance to the bakery or dine next door at City O’ City where you can order their confections from your server. Their cream-filled Ho-Ho Cupcakes are a Denver fave and by good right!  They transport you right back to childhood.  But since you’re an adult, go ahead and break off a piece of Nové Island Coconut to enhance the nostalgic vibe. 

Elevate The Everyday with Nové

So, is your mouth watering yet?  One thing is for sure, our city doesn’t disappoint.  Head over to your local dispensary to order your favorite flavor of Nové…or get all six!  With these and more stellar places to eat chocolate in Denver, you never know when that perfect pairing will beckon.