rose thc + cbd bath salts

Allow the scent to transfer to your body, sweet and floral.

Luxury Bath Salts

Epsom salt and natural essential oils fuse, creating a luxurious escape. Enjoy Nové topicals, crafted from premium herbal ingredients and the finest cannabis oil.

To enjoy the benefits of bath salts, pour and dissolve one scoop into warm water. Our recreational version is 100mg THC per pouch, including twenty 5mg THC scoops. Our medical cannabis bath salts are 500mg THC per pouch, including 25mg THC scoops. A scoop is included with each pouch to aid in accurate dosing.

We’re often asked, “does a cannabis salt bath get you high?” The answer is no; bath salt effects are non-psychoactive. However, there are many benefits of bathing in salt, such as hydration, relaxation, and some much needed you-time.

Curious how to take a salt bath the Nové way? Elevate the everyday by enjoying these cannabis bath salts with cooling spa water — and maybe save a couple of cucumber slices for your eyelids! Our Lemon Rose gummies make for another great pairing choice.

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