Interested in cannabis edibles but not sure where to start?  In today’s legal industry, there are a wide range of available products, from effect-specific options that encourage energy or sleep; microdosed and CBD-infused formulas; and all sorts of tasty treats, including cookies, candies, and savory selections.  You can probably guess that here at Nové, our favorite edibles are of the chocolate variety.  10Buds’ guide to buying and consuming cannabis chocolates is a great resource for all your newcomer questions.

A box of Nove luxury chocolates resting next to a cappuccino on a grey slate background.

Who is 10Buds?

Guy Sherman, founder of, and his team of cannabis experts started testing and reviewing marijuana seeds, strains, infused products and more back in 2015.  Since the inception of their blog, their mission has been to highlight best-in-class companies that prioritize quality and authenticity.  What started as a passion project has grown into a large community of readers, from cannabis connoisseurs to novices looking for honest guidance.

What To Expect When Consuming Cannabis Chocolates

As 10Buds’ guide shares, there are five key benefits to consuming cannabis chocolates.

  • Discretion – If you don’t want to advertise your consumption, cannabis chocolates are a great solution.
  • Portability – Edibles are easy to take on-the-go!
  • Doesn’t require smoking – Especially for new consumers, an edible may be less intimidating than the process of smoking or vaping.
  • Dose control – When you buy lab-tested, legal edibles, you know exactly how much THC you’re consuming.
  • Pleasurable and delicious – Chocolate and cannabis are truly a match made in heaven, both scientifically and in terms of flavor!

A woman sitting on a bed with a laptop and cup of coffee, consuming cannabis chocolate edibles.

Chocolate contains anandamide, a naturally-occurring chemical known as the “bliss molecule.”  It produces an effect similar to THC.  10Buds states, “when chocolate and cannabis are combined, these blissful sensations may be enhanced.”  Their guide further explains how chocolate makes cannabis more readily available for the body to absorb, leading to prolonged euphoric effects.

Read 10Buds’ Guide To Buying and Consuming Cannabis Chocolates Now

Curious to learn more?  Read about various cannabis chocolate varieties, how to properly store your products, and what questions to ask when selecting your ideal edible at a dispensary.  Click here to review 10Buds’ ultimate guide.

Once you’re educated, visit our store locator and elevate the everyday with Nové Luxury Edibles, available at select Colorado retailers.