‘Tis the season for another cannabis Christmas!  In our opinion, nothing goes better with the holidays than decadent edibles and gift bundles that wow. ✨  To inspire and help simplify your seasonal shopping, we put together our own 2021 Cannabis Gift Guide! 

We’ve filled our holiday guide with items that suit all types of people, from the world traveler to the homebody.  Many of the brands we selected stand by our values, including sustainability and support of our Colorado community.  And of course, each gift bundle pairs perfectly with one of our various cannabis chocolates and gummies.

Let’s get shopping!

An Elevated 2021 Cannabis Gift Guide

We believe that done well, flavors are transportive.  Give the gift of beachside luxury with our new Caribbean Mango Chile gummies.  With the rich aroma of our Café Cappuccino bar, allow your loved one to be carried away to a patio seat at their favorite bistro.

Our flavors incite all kinds of memories, and complementary items further elevate the experience.  See these bundles as inspiration, or easily purchase the whole kit!  Undoubtedly, these cannabis gifts are sure to impress.

For The World Traveler

In our 2021 Cannabis Gift Guide, we suggest pairing Nové Mango Chile gummies with a hemp beach blanket and wood-frame sunglasses. All three items are pictured.

Fall back on a beachside hammock.  Pop a refreshing piece of tropical mango delight, coated with a kick of chile spice.  Our Caribbean Mango Chile gummies pair perfectly with:

  • Hemp Beach Blanket from The Sunshine Series This 100% hemp beach blanket is easy to pack and lightweight, which is ideal for those living out of a suitcase.  It’s big enough for lounging on the sand and insanely soft.  Unlike regular content beach towels, it’s also super absorbent.  Plus, the towel is designed with underside corners that can be filled with sand to help weigh it down — genius! 
  • ‘The Fiestas’ from Colorado Glasses You can’t go on vacation or an outdoor excursion without the right sunglasses.  Colorado Glasses’ lightweight, all-wood frames are super stylish, and the polarized lenses let you see all the beauty in front of you.  Even better, they’re made locally and come with a lifetime warranty. 

For The Fruit Lover

Wander through lush thickets to reveal sun-ripened berries. Relish the bright flavor of a luscious, raspberry-filled center enveloped in our dark chocolate from South America.  Our Raspberry Bramble chocolates pair perfectly with:

  • Citrus Ceramic Pipe from Wandering Bud Enjoy an elevated smoking experience with Wandering Bud’s unique pieces.  These adorable, handmade ceramic pipes can easily sit alongside regular home décor.  Finally, no more rushing around to hide your smoking accessories from house guests!
  • ‘A Taste of Christmas’ from Honey Bear Fruit Baskets This isn’t any ordinary edible arrangement.  Though Honey Bear sources fruit from various growing regions, their festive jams and butters are made locally in Colorado!  Handcrafted with zero preservatives and top-shelf ingredients, this premium gift basket is a must for when the munchies strike.

For The Green Thumb

Walk through a summer garden, alive with color.  Fruit and herb find a zen balance when juicy blueberries meet basil-infused sugar.  Our Blueberry Basil gummies pair perfectly with:

  • Plant Decor from Flowers of Pot No watering necessary!  This faux plant featuring silk cannabis leaves is purely for decoration.  It adds a simple, natural element to any room or office.  Plus, they’re sure to make for a funny conversation starter when friends and family come to visit!
  • 3-Piece Personalized Garden Tools Set from Patience and Grace A gardener or grower is nothing without their tools.  And you can never go wrong with gifts that have a personal touch!  In addition to your loved one’s name or a custom message, the handles feature a comfortable grip.  Sturdy enough for all kinds of pruning, weeding, and digging, this set is sure to please the green thumb in your life.

For The Coffee-Lover

Nové Café Cappuccino chocolates pair perfectly with a Chemex pour over and Corvus Coffee beans. All items are pictured in this shot.

Find the perfect seat at your favorite bistro.  Breathe the aroma of fresh coffee as you bite into a bold espresso center, dusted with vanilla bean and wrapped in our South American milk chocolate.  Our Café Cappuccino chocolates pair perfectly with:

  • Pour Over Coffeemaker Starter Kit from Chemex Making great coffee means using the right equipment and high-quality beans.  Any true coffee-lover definitely needs a Chemex Coffeemaker.  This aesthetically-pleasing pour over set has everything you need to make a rich, fresh cup that accentuates flavors and makes for a pleasing morning ritual. 
  • Whole Bean Coffee from Corvus Coffee Roasters Truly, quality coffee beans make all the difference.  These from Corvus Coffee Roasters are the ultimate must-have for coffee enthusiasts looking for a diverse flavor palette.  While located in Denver, their product is sourced from farmers in countries known for their outstanding coffee history, including Columbia, Guatemala, Costa Rica, and Ethiopia.

For The Beach Bum

Let us take you to the tropics for a bayside luau.  Bask in luxury as you savor our South American dark chocolate filled with rich coconut cream and a hint of Madagascar vanilla.  Our Island Coconut chocolates pair perfectly with:

  • Stainless Steel Reusable Water Bottle from IIISOLIII Here in Colorado, we may not be able to hit the beaches yet, but there’s no reason we can’t prepare for the summer season!  It’s always good to have a refillable, sturdy water bottle that keeps your drinks cold all day.  These bottles feature a fun pot leaf pattern and are also available in a travel mug style.
  • Face + Body SPF 30 Sunscreen by Raw Elements Beach rule #1 is to never forget to put on sunscreen!  Raw Elements’ full-body sunscreen is made with hemp oil and other natural ingredients that nourish and protect your skin from UV rays.  You can even recycle your tin once it’s empty!  And don’t forget to do the same with our eco-friendly packaging.

For The Homebody

Nostalgia never tasted so good. The humble but tasty peanut reaches a new level of deliciousness when sandwiched between our milk chocolate from South America.  Our Honey Peanut Butter chocolates pair perfectly with:

  • Smoke Signals by Martin A. Lee A homebody’s heart is made up of a few things.  One of those is always having a good book on hand.  A great one that every canna-curious person should read is Smoke Signals by Martin A. Lee.  It takes a deep dive into the history of cannabis, the propaganda that caused misinformation, and the value our favorite plant provides to modern medicine.
  • Wake and Bake Smoking Coffee Mug from OddNot Homebodies also need a good mug for all their coffee and tea.  This style even comes with a built-in pipe for a convenient wake-n-bake session.  There’s no better way to start the day than with cannabis and caffeine!

Make This Holiday Season Better Than Ever

No more last minute gift shopping for you.  From the cannabis connoisseurs to the canna-curious, these presents are sure to surprise and delight!  Just don’t forget the most important inclusion: Nové Luxury Edibles.  Use our store locator to find a dispensary near you!

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We wish you all a high, happy holiday season!