Self Care may be the buzzword of 2022, but we’ve got a better way to elevate your routine than bottomless brunches. We’ve curated a list of the best cannabis bath salts of 2022 to help you find ultimate relaxation and get rid of stress. From foot soaks to body scrubs and more, cannabis-infused bath salts can offer major relief for every body. 

THC and CBD bath products are on the rise, and it’s important to know exactly what you’re using. High quality ingredients and essential oils play a huge part in offering the most relief. From their ingredients to their delivery, you’ll find both relaxation for body and mind on our list of top-tier infused bath salts. 

Marijuana Bath Salts

These marijuana bath salts are THC-infused and ready to help you find easy ways to elevate your self care. Bath Salts are for more than just baths — you can use these THC and CBD products as shower steamers, foot soaks, and more.

Rose Bath Salts by Nové

Rose Bath Salts by Nové contain 100mg of CBD and 100mg of THC for a powerhouse punch of relief. CBD acts as the ideal inflammation fighter and muscle relaxer. Because Nové Luxury Topicals uses premium herbal ingredients, you’re getting real rose essence, not a perfumed product. The fresh, floral aroma from this THC brand doesn’t overpower or smell too sweet. 

Great for any body aches, this THC and CBD-infused bath soak also works well as a foot soak, especially after a long day of exploring in the mountains. Give them a try by shopping at Colorado dispensaries, and if you’re a medical patient, check out their extra-potent 500mg CBD:500mg THC version. 

Papa & Barkley ReLeaf Soak 

Another product taking relaxation to a new level is Papa & Barkley’s ReLeaf Soak. This is a 1:3 CBD:THC bath soak, so you get unmatched relief almost instantly. They use Dead Sea Salt for a truly relaxing experience and their infusions also use high quality ingredients so you don’t lose any long term relief. 

With 17mg CBD and 50mg THC per pouch, it’s a great option for those looking for consistent relief over a longer period of time. You can dissolve a little or the whole pack into warm water, and be able to continue on with your day with very little down time. Papa & Barkley ReLeaf Soak works wonders on post-work out bodies or after intense activity. 

Lavender Bath Soak by Avexia 

With 100mg THC per jar, this Lavender Bath Soak is sure to deliver targeted relief. The lavender scent is light and relaxing, soothing away stress. Calming aromatherapy aids the natural, sleep-promoting effects of cannabis, making this a great potential solution for those struggling to get quality rest. 

We’re not doctors, but if you experience insomnia, chat with a registered, cannabis-trained medical professional. Our partners at Leaf 411 would be happy to help, and their hotline is free.  

If you’re looking for this soak from Avexia, visit Illinois dispensaries. Note that if you’re local to Colorado, this Lavender Bath Salt from Nové is a great alternative. 

Himalayan Kush Mineral Salt by OM

OM is a household name in self-care cannabis products. Their mineral salts offer intensive relief to targeted areas through a proprietary blend of minerals, oils, and salts. Specifically, their full-spectrum infusions include rose quartz, magnesium, and Himalayan Salt for a totally unique experience. These OM Mineral Salts are perfect for targeting areas that need quick delivery like bruises, bumps, sprains and stresses so you can get back to being you.

Each pouch of Himalayan Kush Mineral Salts contain 25mg CBD and 25mg THC, and are available at select dispensaries in California.  

Eucalyptus Bath Salts by Nové

If self-care is a part of your routine, you’ll likely know the benefits of eucalyptus. Recreational Eucalyptus Bath Salts from Nové Luxury Topicals are 100mg THC per pouch with 5mg THC per dose. Meanwhile, their medical version contains 500mg THC with 25mg doses. By dissolving just one scoop into hot water, you’ll find that relaxation comes quickly for you. 

The eucalyptus aroma helps transport you away, even if you only have 5 minutes for self care. This infusion is ideal for working out worry and staying out of stress. Eucalyptus is a powerful aroma that helps to open up your mind and body. After soaking, consider pairing the experience with some stretches and meditation — trust us, cannabis and yoga are a great combo. 

Find them in stores throughout Colorado. 

Hemp Bath Salts

CBD Muscle Soak by Not Pot

A well-respected CBD brand, Not Pot created this CBD Muscle Soak with pain relief in mind. It’s no secret that cannabis use for pain is highly common — in fact, according to a recent Gallup poll, it’s the #1 reason Americans use hemp-infused products. 

Whether you’re looking to ease muscles or simply relax, this 300mg CBD bath soak is a great choice. Made with dead sea salt and peppermint essential oil, its refreshing effects can be enjoyed throughout the United States. 

CBD Luxury Soaking Salts by Empower Bodycare

Empower Bodycare has developed one of the best, pure CBD soaking salts on the market for 2022. There’s 250mg of CBD behind Empower’s 16oz package of CBD Luxury Soaking Salts. Their salt blend includes epsom and Himalayan salts to give you a truly relaxing experience. Their combination of essential oils like bergamot and lavender give Empower a unique scent that won’t overpower you. You can melt away stress with the pure CBD isolate and aroma, and get back to feeling better, wherever you are in the U.S.  

Muscle Soak Bath Salts by Vertly  

For those long days you need to recover from, the Vertly CBD Bath Salts give you all the goodness of powerful CBD soaking. Vertly uses full spectrum CBD which includes many cannabinoids and terpenes that help deliver the full effect of the CBD. The scent is pure relaxation with clary sage, lemongrass, ginger and Dead Sea salt combining to transport you away from stress. 

Enjoy the Best Cannabis Bath Salts on the Market

Essential oils, epsom salt, and infusions for every body make these products some of the best cannabis bath salts for 2022. At Nové, our infused bath salts offer a premium product at an every day price, with luxuriously relaxing results. But we know our way around all aspects of self care! Browse our website to discover more of our products including luxury chocolates and gummies.