A Beginner’s Guide to Consuming Edibles

Novices and experts alike are partaking in edibles as a regular method of cannabis consumption. It makes sense since you can pretty much add cannabinoids to almost any kind of food; from gummies and chocolate bars to full-course meals! A wide selection of delicious, infused treats is just one reason to buy from legal, licensed dispensaries. These retailers and the manufacturers they promote follow strict state regulations, ensuring that all products are tested for consistency at a certified lab. But, if you’re new to shopping at your local pot shop, it’s especially important that you follow our tips for consuming cannabis edibles. 

Have you been curious to see what the hype is all about? We’ve put together a list of guidelines so you can be prepared for your first edible experience.  

9 Tips for Consuming Cannabis Edibles

1. Start with a low dosage

You’ve may or may not have heard of the saying ‘start low, go slow,’ but it’s something all cannabis newcomers should remember. It’s never a good idea to try taking more than the recommended dose if you haven’t tried cannabis before. You can find plenty of stories from people who had a bad experience after consuming too much, too fast. 

2. Be patient

One important distinction between smoking and eating cannabis is the time it takes for the effects to start kicking in. When you smoke, the onset may only take a few minutes. But with edibles, you likely won’t experience effects for 30 minutes to an hour after consuming; and, you should wait at least two hours before consuming more. Those who aren’t aware of this will sometimes eat another edible thinking the first dose wasn’t enough. This is a trap many first-time cannabis users can fall into, but it can be avoided if you stay patient and monitor how you’re feeling.

A man looking at his wrist watch. "Start low, go slow" is one of our tips for consuming cannabis edibles.

3. Don’t mix with alcohol

Mixing alcohol with edibles doesn’t make for a good combo. One issue with this is you’d be unable to distinguish whether the effects you’re feeling are from the alcohol or the THC. Another is the alcohol may increase the THC concentration in your blood, which was found in a study from the American Association of Clinical Chemistry (AACC). 

4. Read the packaging closely

Just like how you read the nutrition labels on other foods, you’ll want to carefully read cannabis edibles’ packaging. Legal market products will always show the amount of milligrams of THC per package and per serving. In Colorado, the standard at recreational dispensaries is 10mg THC per dose. But at medical retailers, some edibles can go as high as 100mg THC per dose! 

5. Know your tolerance level

Chances are if you’re not an avid cannabis user, than your tolerance is relatively low. The effects will always differ person to person, but sometimes even the recommended dose can be too much for someone just starting out. If you’re new to consuming edibles and are nervous about how your body may react, eat just half a piece for a 5mg serving! Nové Luxury Chocolates’ fillings are stable enough to cut through without making a mess. This way, you’ll get a better sense for how you feel and be able to judge whether you need another dose or not. Remember, you can always increase the dosage, but you can’t put back what you’ve already eaten.

A female model eating a half piece of Nove Cafe Cappuccino, a 5mg THC serving.  Microdosing is one of our tips for consuming edibles.

6. Eat a meal beforehand

It’s not a good idea to eat edibles on an empty stomach. Having a meal beforehand will help keep the edible’s effects more gradual and consistent. Plus, this allows the body to be able to absorb more of the infused cannabis at a faster rate. In particular, one study from Science Daily discovered high-fat foods can speed up cannabidiol absorption. Lastly, it might help curb some of the munchies later on! 

7. Be in a comfortable space (figuratively and mentally)

Your setting plays a bigger part in your cannabis experience than you realize. This goes for your mental headspace, too. Keeping your head in a positive place and being in a familiar environment that isn’t overstimulating will help you stay even more calm and relaxed. Putting on your favorite music or TV show can also make everything more enjoyable while keeping you occupied.

8. Store your chocolate edibles in a cool place

What you don’t want to do is let your cannabis chocolate melt. This will make it harder to properly dose how much THC you’re ingesting. Besides, a cool chocolate edible straight from the fridge hits just the spot.

Nove Honey Peanut Butter cannabis chocolate resting next to fresh honeycomb and peanuts.

9. Key tip for consuming cannabis edibles: have a plan if you take too much

Even the most experienced cannabis consumer has gotten a little too high. But the good news is that no one has ever died from eating too many ediblesIf you accidentally overdo it, the first tip to remember is to breathe and stay calm. The symptoms will eventually pass, but one thing you can do is take a small dose of CBD to help lessen the intensity of the THC. Just put a few drops of the trupura CBD tincture under your tongue for 30 seconds, drink plenty of water, and find a quiet space to relax.

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