Ever wonder what budtenders do?  I mean, what they really do other than sell you cannabis?  We had the pleasure of speaking with budtender Amanda Bushere of Euflora Southlands, an all-star rec dispensary in Aurora, Colorado, to learn what the day-to-day is like for these front-line workers.  Below are nine things budtenders do that most people don’t realize.  There is so much more that goes on at dispensaries than meets the eye!

Budtenders have such a big impact on the industry, and this often goes unnoticed.  It’s time to change that!  Whether you’re a regular shopper at dispensaries, or are one considering entering the cannabis space, read on to discover how budtenders’ efforts are all about making your visit a positive experience.

A male budtender weighing out an eighth of cannabis flower.  Keeping up on latest industry research is just one of nine things budtenders do that most people don't realize.

Nine Things Budtenders Do

1)  Adhering to ever-changing compliance regulations.

Imagine if the ground under your feet moved in different ways as you walked.  This is what it can feel like to work in the cannabis industry.  Regulations change rapidly, and although some may argue about the purpose of all the changes, they are ultimately for your safety.  If budtenders don’t stay on top of it all, and comply with even the smallest of changes, you wouldn’t even be able to make a purchase.  Now that’s a big deal.

2)  Sampling the products ahead of time.

Think of a royal taster, but for you, the consumer.  Yet instead of checking for poison, budtenders sample the products to get to know them first-hand so they can speak to you from experience.  Ask them anything!

A shot of the interior of Euflora Aspen, a Colorado-based cannabis dispensary.

3)  Continuing education.

Even after initial education and training are over, budtenders know how important it is to keep up with latest research on strains, genetics, terpene profiles, and innovative developments such as fast-acting edibles, unique cannabinoids, and more. This helps them have more precision with what options can be the most effective for you.

4)  Utilizing intuition when recommending solutions and products.

Knowledge is power and combining this with the sense of intuition takes their service to the next level.  Have you noticed how budtenders speak to you in a way that invites you to feel more at ease and genuine?  This helps them connect with you more deeply and get to know you better so they can use both their knowledge and their intuition to narrow down the best recommendations for you.

A young black man holding a piece of Nove Cafe Cappuccino cannabis-infused chocolate up close to the camera.

5)  Budtenders genuinely aim to help you.

If you were to ask a budtender why they chose to do this work, one of the most frequent responses would be so they could help people feel better with the help of cannabis medicine.  So, when you feel like they are truly caring about you…they really do!

6)  Vibing out the space. 

Aesthetics are important and they know it.  Isn’t it nice to walk into a dispensary and really dig the vibe?  Budtenders consciously help create the atmosphere and tend to it throughout the day to make your experience the best it can be.

7)  They are listening.

Like, really listening to you…what you’re dealing with, how you want to feel, what products you love that have really worked for you.  They embody attentiveness through their listening skills and also pay attention to what works for other customers so they can share that information with you.  They don’t just sell, they help guide, offering advice such as to “start low, go slow” and when you’re just getting started with consuming cannabis, using micro-dosed edibles.

An image of Nove Luxury Edibles Glacier Mint chocolate bar resting on a gold tray surrounded by chocolate and mint leaves.

8)  Helping you get the most value for your dollar.

Budtenders strive to help you get the biggest bang for your buck.  By bringing together daily specials, product spiffs, and an understanding of what you’re looking for, they strategize for you on how you can go home with the most value.

9)  Keeping their fingers on the pulse.

Their work doesn’t end when they leave for the day.  They keep connected in the community and industry, learning about new products on the market, such as the upcoming, luxurious Nové gummies and what’s the latest and greatest in the world of cannabis so they can be a better resource for you and their colleagues.

A shot of line-drawn cannabis leaves, posted to the outside windows of a dispensary.  Retail workers in the cannabis space are incredible; read nine things budtenders do that most people don't realize.

Thank Your Budtender for Their Incredible Work

Are you part of the industry?  We’d love to hear different perspectives, whether you’re a grower, extractor, manager at a dispensary, or business owner!  Reach out to us here and tell us your story for a chance to be featured.

Either way, next time you visit a dispensary, may you have a new appreciation of the person behind the counter helping you with your purchase.  Connect with your local budtender at these fine retailers.