A Match Made in Heaven

Pairing beer and cannabis together has generally been met with a quick ‘no’ from some people. Yet there are those who are finding ways to enjoy consuming both while doing it safely. 

We did a previous post on pairing wine and weed, and now, in honor of National Beer Day, we’re sharing how to pair some of Colorado’s best craft beers with our Nové luxury chocolates. Colorado is home to dozens of craft breweries and is known for high-tier beers within the industry. Pair this together with products from one of Colorado’s most reputable cannabis companies and you can’t go wrong.

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Why do beer and cannabis chocolates go together?

You’ve often heard not to mix cannabis and beer together. However, when done so responsibly, you’ll find that both substances actually compliment each other rather nicely. In fact, cannabis and hops are cousins

Although there’s been some debate behind this claim, scientists confirmed in 2002 that hops and cannabis were closely related and belonged to the Cannabaceae family, a species of climbing plants that produce petalless flowers. It’s not surprising when you consider how often beer and cannabis are described using the same adjectives; earthy, sweet, citrusy, spicey, etc. Cannabis and hops also produce some of the same terpenes, including myrcene, beta-pinene, and humulene.

Tips for consuming beer and cannabis chocolate

No matter how often you drink or consume cannabis, our motto is always “start low, go slow.” When you drink alcohol, the blood vessels widen, making it easier for the bloodstream to absorb the THC from the edible. It not only enhances the high you’ll feel, but the side effects as well. This has led some people to experience what’s known as ‘greening out’.’ Greening out is a term used to describe someone who has ingested too much cannabis and begins feeling sick, followed by symptoms of dizziness, nausea, and anxiety.

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Every person has a different tolerance for both weed and alcohol. What’s important is that you know your personal limits and monitor how your body responds. These tips can help you avoid overdoing it while still creating a unique and harmonious experience:

  1. Every square of our Nové chocolate bars is accurately dosed with 10mg of THC. As with most edibles, the onset of effects can take anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours. You could split each square in half to start off or cut it into quarters. Our chocolate’s creamy, stable center is easy to cut through without making a mess.
  2. The safest way to consume cannabis and alcohol together is 2.5mg of THC with a 1-2oz pour of beer, about the size of a regular shot glass. Let the chocolate melt in your mouth a little before taking a sip. It’s better if both are around room temperature. 
  3. Keeping your beer and cannabis chocolate flavors within the same terpene family will enhance the tasting and avoid too many terpene clashes. For instance, drinking a sour beer while eating a minty edible won’t mix well with your taste palette. Sometimes a stout you thought would go perfectly with dark chocolate is actually too heavy or bitter. Not every beer or chocolate flavor will taste good together, so part of the process is about finding that balance.
  4. Chocolate, specifically dark chocolate, is very acidic. Beer can be slightly acidic as well, but you want to avoid creating issues with your stomach. Imperial stouts and barrel-aged brews have a high ABV, so it’s best to stick with beers under 8%.
  5. We highly suggest drinking your beers from lightest to darkest so you can enjoy the progression in body and flavor. You don’t want your palette overrun by strong, bold flavors right out the gate. 
  6. If you are on any kind of prescribed medication, please DO NOT mix cannabis or beer with each other or anything else before speaking with your doctor. You must always consider your health and wellness first.

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Our top Nové chocolate flavors and Colorado beer pairings

Colorado is known for its delicious craft breweries and cannabis, to no one’s surprise. The incredible concoctions of terpenes and flavors are certainly worth trying, especially for National Beer Day! 

There are a ton of Colorado beers to choose from, but these six are some of our top choices for how they pair with our own chocolate flavors. 

Carver Brewing Co. Raspberry Wheat Ale with Rasberry Bramble

Raspberry is a popular fruit flavor to include in beer and chocolate. It’s only natural they’d go together. Carver Brewing’s Raspberry Wheat Ale has a strong aroma with a tart, dry finish. The raspberry filling in our bramble bar with the dark chocolate creates one rich, fruity mouthful.

Denver Beer Co. Maui Express Coconut IPA with Island Coconut

The tropical vacation never ends with this combination. The Island Coconut chocolate bar sports a hint of Madagascar vanilla for just an extra bit of sweetness. With the tropical, juicy fruit hop flavor of Denver Beer Co.’s Maui Express Coconut IPA, you get to let your mind stroll along a sandy, white beach.

Odell Brewery Good Behavior Crushable IPA with Sea Salt Caramel

The tropical fruit and peachy flavor of the Good Behavior Crushable IPA is an interesting combo with the Sea Salt Caramel chocolate. The milk chocolate balances well with the light body and crisp finish of the beer.

Craft beer in production.  Pairing beer with cannabis is the newest trend from Nove Luxury Edibles.

Denver Beer Co. Peanut Butter Graham Cracker Porter with Honey Peanut Butter

What goes better with summer than a campfire under the stars? Denver Beer Co. literally put a s’more in a can. The lush chocolate porter with the smoothness of the Honey Peanut Butter bar is as creamy as you can get. 

Finkel & Garf Oatmeal Milk Stout with Cafe Cappuccino

Coffee and chocolate are two of the best flavors you could pair together! The Cafe Cappuccino bar tastes like sipping on a freshly ground espresso, especially with the white chocolate coating. Mixing it with the Oatmeal Milk Stout’s own chocolate and coffee flavors turns your mouth into a regular coffee shop.

Avery Brewing Co. Mint Chocolate Stout with Glacier Mint

Avery Brewing has a long-standing history of brewing some of the best beers in the industry. No better choice to pair our Glacier Mint chocolate with than their Mint Chocolate Stout. The peppermint and cacao nibs create a cool, tingling mixture with the mint filling from the chocolate bar.

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May chocolate and beer never disappear!

Knowing how to safely consume cannabis and alcohol together is the pinnacle of having an enjoyable experience. However, looking at the similarities between brewing beer and growing cannabis can give us a better understanding of how they’re related.

Supporting the local breweries in Colorado is just as important as supporting local cannabis businesses. Both are a craft and take years of dedication to master. Celebrate National Beer Day with one of your favorite brews and by using our store locator to pick up a Nové chocolate edible to pair it with. Our unique cannabis chocolate flavors offer the luxury, gourmet experience for half the price!