Everyday Indulgence

Nové creates moments of ordinary luxury

Crafted from single source ingredients and deliciously potent cannabis oil, our premium chocolates invite you to pause and enjoy a moment of indulgence.

Treat Yourself

Every Nové bar is a journey, designed to create a transformative edible experience.

Our flavors are carefully blended to elevate and inspire, turning an ordinary day into an opportunity to ignite the senses.

Take a Bite

Uniting Cannabis, Culinary Arts, and Science

We are dedicated to celebrating the highest creations of science, nature, and the culinary arts, creating a rare and indulgent celebration of flavor.

Our organic cacao is sourced from South American heritage farmers, who ferment the freshly harvested pods before drying them in the sun. We find inspiration in the work of fruit growers and chefs, bringing together the most exquisite and intentionally sourced raw ingredients to create an edible experience of unparalleled luxury.

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