Meet your new edible ritual. Nové transports you with flavors designed to delight. Each filled chocolate bar blends the highest quality natural ingredients with potent cannabis to deliver a delicious, blissful high. Pair with food and drink, complementary flower strains, and a good time.

Nové inspires indulgent moments and a bite-sized chance to elevate the everyday.

Nové Founders


We know cannabis. We know chocolate. And we love to play in the kitchen.

After nationwide success with the award-winning incredibles brand, our founders took the concept of Nové and made it a reality. They recognized that affordable luxury in the form of filled chocolate wasn’t available to Colorado’s cannabis consumers.

They also founded Nové to express their culinary creativity and offer you a moment of escape. Our artisan chef’s recipes elevate familiar flavors, bringing beloved combinations to the next level of taste and sophistication in our creamy filled bars.

Beauty is bound to happen when cannabis meets the culinary arts.


Indulgence doesn’t require a special occasion. This is luxury without the luxury price tag.

Dispensary shelves are packed with uninspired edibles. Nové fills this void with decadent filled chocolates featuring:

  • Single-Sourced, South American Cacao
  • Specialty Fillings
  • Premium Cannabis Oil
  • Post-Consumer Recyclable Packaging

Elevate the everyday with your new favorite cannabis ritual.

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