Chocolate and cannabis come from plants that seem to be made for each other. When paired together, the chocolate edible flavors and experience are enhanced.

“Cacao beans produce anandamide, which binds to the same receptors in the brain as THC and produces the joyful feelings all chocolate lovers crave,” Seattle chocolatier Claire MacKenzie told Thrillist.

Chocolate and cannabis interact and increase the production of “happy hormones” in the brain. And cannabis makes stuff taste better –as if chocolate wasn’t delicious enough.

There are many types of chocolate and many kinds of cannabis, so figuring out the strains and flavors that complete each other and their effect on you can be daunting. Don’t worry. You don’t have to research chocolate from different origins or count terpenes. We’ll do it for you.

Nové Offers 6 Perfect Match Chocolate Edible Flavors

Nove is a new brand of cannabis-infused chocolates that comes in a variety of six flavors. Pairing the cannabis with a well-chosen flower creates a delightful, blissful experience.

Chocolate and Flower Pairing for the best chocolate edible flavors:

Elevate the Everyday Honey-Roasted Peanut Butter

Nothing goes better with peanut butter than sweet, silky chocolate. Try it with a dank OG strain whose high terpene value produces lots of flavor and aroma. The chocolate and peanut flavors are strong enough not to be overpowered by the classic fuel, skunk, and spice tones of OG.

Check out Grape strains, too, which are descendants of the blueberry family and go especially well with peanut butter. Combine them in an homage to everybody’s favorite lunch-sack sandwich. Blue Dream is a delightful, mild starter strain. There are many others

Sea Salt Caramel

Imagine crunching into a caramel apple that tingles on the taste buds, calms the body and the mind until soon all you see, hear, and feel makes you want to giggle. The creamy, sweet candy paired with a Sour Apple strain’s salty, sweet and sour flavors will make you feel like you’re walking down the state fair midway on a crisp autumn night, floating through the bright, neon lights and the tinkly music riding the flashing, spinning Ferris wheel.

Sour Diesel is a good match, too, with a similar strong flavor profile that complements the chocolate and excites conversation, creativity, and generally happy thoughts.

Island Coconut

Take a little trip to Hawaii on the wings of Pineapple Express–or experience the next best thing. It’s one of the most complex, flavorful buds on the menu, all apple, mango, pineapple, pine, and cedar. The combination is energizing and a happy and delicious way to power through an afternoon of backed-up work or find the inspiration to undertake a new creative project.

Sour Lemon strain is another citrusy, Sativa hybrid that combines well with dark chocolate and coconut, is great for social events and getting through a busy day. It also helps ease any aches and pains you picked up after leg day at the gym.

Raspberry Bramble

Chocolate and raspberries are responsible for some of the greatest desserts on the planet. Mix in a few puffs of a cheesy strain, and you’ve really got something. Grilled Cheese is a mix of strong, cheesy terpenes with a citrusy aftertaste. Both go well with edible cannabis, smooth dark chocolate, and sharp, raspberry undertones. It’s a mellow, meditative buzz, good for a Sunday afternoon when you just want to relax and think a few things over.

Blue Cheese is a medical strain that is pungent but not nearly as strong-tasting as its namesake. The hybrid creates a good mix for anybody feeling stressed–and who doesn’t these days? It’s also good for muscle spasms, backache, and general aches and pains.

Cafe Cappuccino

Ah, coffee and cream. It calls out for Sticky Buns, with a smell and taste like cinnamon rolls, and it even has hints of vanilla, like the icing. It’s a hybrid, it’s sticky (of course)and produces a strong cerebral high that may get you up and go –like coffee. Talk about flavors that compliment:

Cherry Pie tastes and smells just like its name, a good thing when you’re pairing with the rich sweetness of Café Cappucino. The giddy, euphoric, happy waves hit you fast and last a long time.

Glacier Mint

Pair with GSC. Our Glacier Mint chocolate goes just right with the sweet, minty, cherry, lemony flavor of this strain. Caution: GSC is known to be high in THC, so know your tolerance, and as always, go low and slow to start.

Boy Scout Cookies are a little less intense than their big sister. But it comes with the same delightful smells and flavor, along with relaxation, happy thoughts that ease you into a restful sleep. The people who love this hybrid really, really love it. Go easy and learn how you react, which is always good advice. There are plenty of cookie strains you can sample, each a little different.

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