arctic cloudberry matcha

Discover pops of orange peeking through the frost. Taste the tart, juicy flavor of alpine-grown berries, mellowed by a hint of earthy matcha.

Sweet fruits and distinctive flavors

Blended into a bite of sugar-dusted deliciousness. Enjoy Nové gummies, luxuriously crafted from premium, plant-based ingredients and the finest cannabis oil.

The best edible brands create trustworthy, consistent products. Nové cannabis gummies contain 10mg THC per piece. Find ten pieces per 100mg pack. If you’re a new consumer, consider cutting your luxury edible in half for a smaller dose.

• 100mg THC per package
• 10mg THC per piece

Pair Cloudberry Matcha infused gummies with traditional matcha powder or a fruity green tea of choice. The natural cloudberry puree in these high-end edibles creates a mild tart flavor, making them a great pair to similar fruits like red currants and raspberries. Can’t decide between gummies vs. chocolate edibles? Try these infused gummies with our Raspberry Bramble chocolate.

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