lavender thc bath salts

Breathe the aroma of fresh lavender as your skin absorbs its essence.

Luxury Bath Salts

Epsom salt and natural essential oils fuse, creating a luxurious escape. Enjoy Nové topicals, crafted from premium herbal ingredients and the finest cannabis oil.

Pour and dissolve one scoop of our cannabis bath salts into warm water. Our recreational version is 100mg THC per pouch, including twenty 5mg THC scoops. Our medical option is 500mg THC per pouch, including twenty 25mg THC scoops. A scoop is included with each pouch to aid in accurate dosing.

We’re often asked how to use a bath salt soak. Obviously, using them to relax in your bathtub is one option! But as some of the best cannabis bath salts on the market, they’re also incredibly versatile. Use them in a foot soak, as an exfoliating scrub, or even as an ingredient when making your own infused bath bombs!

To amplify these soothing salt bath benefits, we recommend low lighting, maybe with complementary lavender-scented tea lights. Also, before getting into the tub, toss a bathrobe in the dryer so that you can enjoy warm, soft comfort after your soak.

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