Medicine Man is much more than one of Colorado’s favorite cannabis cultivations and dispensaries; it’s a family.  With stores in Denver, Aurora, Thornton, and Longmont, their meticulous focus on both high-quality cannabis at the best prices possible helped them grow to become one of the state’s most beloved marijuana brands.  As one of our exclusive retailers, we asked Medicine Man budtenders to review Nové chocolates and share their favorite ways to consume edibles.

But before we get into their helpful insights, we have a fabulous reason for you to stop into one of their stores.  Throughout the entire month of November, all Nové chocolates are 30% off!  You won’t be disappointed by our luxury edibles, nor the exceptional customer service Medicine Man offers.  Here’s what two of their staff members had to say about their experience working in cannabis, our new products, and more.

Budtender review Nove chocolates, ranking Honey Peanut Butter as one of their favorites.  The chocolate box rests on a wooden surface next to honeycomb and loose peanuts.

Q&A with Danny and Abby, Budtenders at Medicine Man

In a nutshell, what brought you to work with Medicine Man?

Danny: I’ve been in the industry for two years and with Medicine Man for two months.  Medicine Man feels like home because the store draws in the nicest of customers and all my fellow employees collectively work together. I really like how our dispensary has large display showcases that help visitors understand our product selections.  And, I believe our cohesive, clear menus help improve that customer experience.

Abby:  I’ve worked at Medicine Man for four months and it’s my first industry job.  Previously, as a regular at Medicine Man’s Thornton location, I noticed that the budtenders always appeared to be having fun, encouraging me to apply.  I love that our dispensary offers a clean and friendly environment with modern branding.  I’m sure that this, along with the fact that our store always has good vibes, help attract such great customers.  One shopper comes in every morning, looking to order his usual two grams of flower.  Others come in yelling their favorite budtenders’ names!

When do you most enjoy consuming a cannabis edible?

Danny: I love edibles, and have tried literally every option that Medicine Man sells.  Generally, I consume edibles after work, hanging around the house, and when there’s nothing else on the agenda.

Abby: I’m not a big drinker, and as an alcohol alternative, I’ll pop an edible before a concert, while traveling, and especially when out snowboarding.  Edibles take the edge off any nervous feelings that come up when I’m riding the slopes.

Abby, a budtender at Medicine Man dispensary, stands in front of their branded icon wall.

How do you want an edible to make you feel?

Danny: I want an edible to provide a chill experience and a relaxing body high.  I’m a flower consumer too, so to keep my tolerance in check, I rotate between smoking and eating edibles.  When consuming an edible, I’m looking for potency and consistent effects from the 10-30mg I generally consume.

Abby: My favorite method to consume is flower via bong rips; but I love edibles for their discreteness, and I often consume 20-30mg before going out to an event.  In terms of effect, I want an edible to make me feel bubbly, giggly, and energetic.

As a budtender, how would you review Nové Chocolates?

Danny: Nové contains no hash flavor, which is exactly what I want and expect from an edible.  It’s a smooth, sweet, rich treat that reminds me of a Ghirardelli square.  I really love the packaging and believe the product stands out on the shelf compared to other chocolate bars, especially with its reflective elements.

Abby:  I am extremely impressed by Nové chocolates, and admit I’m picky about edibles.  There’s zero weed taste!  I don’t want to eat an edible just to get high; I want to enjoy it.  Nové checks that box.  My favorite flavor is Sea Salt Caramel.

Danny, a budtender at Medicine Man dispensary, reviews Nove chocolates in a recent interview. Here, he stands in front of the Aurora store's logo.

What cannabis products would you recommend pairing with our cannabis chocolates?

Danny: I have a background as a barista, so I recommend that consumers pair Nové chocolates with infused coffee from Canyon Cultivation.  For chocolate-lovers, I also recommend incredibles, as the brand has a different feel, offering more fun flavors.

Abby: In terms of pairings, I recommend Medicine Man’s Max Stax strain, which also gives me the same desired bubbly effect.  I also recommend taking Nové out with any infused cartridge, both perfect for activities on-the-go.

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So, what are you waiting for?  Go ahead and drop by your local Medicine Man store to stock up on all of the delicious Nové flavors.  New fans, we invite you to leave us a review on Google and our website.  We’re excited for your feedback!