Present wrapped in Nové-branded ribbon. Read our 2021 Cannabis Gift Guide for holiday shopping inspiration.

Nové Luxury Edibles' 2021 Cannabis Gift Guide

‘Tis the season for another cannabis Christmas!  In our opinion, nothing goes better with the holidays than decadent edibles and gift bundles that wow. ✨  To inspire and help simplify your seasonal shopping, we put together our own 2021 Cannabis Gift Guide! 

We’ve filled our holiday guide with items that suit all types of people, from the world traveler to the homebody.  Many of the brands we selected stand by our values, including sustainability and support of our Colorado community.  And of course, each gift bundle pairs perfectly with one of our various cannabis chocolates and gummies.

Let’s get shopping!

An Elevated 2021 Cannabis Gift Guide

We believe that done well, flavors are transportive.  Give the gift of beachside luxury with our new Caribbean Mango Chile gummies.  With the rich aroma of our Café Cappuccino bar, allow your loved one to be carried away to a patio seat at their favorite bistro.

Our flavors incite all kinds of memories, and complementary items further elevate the experience.  See these bundles as inspiration, or easily purchase the whole kit!  Undoubtedly, these cannabis gifts are sure to impress.

For The World Traveler

In our 2021 Cannabis Gift Guide, we suggest pairing Nové Mango Chile gummies with a hemp beach blanket and wood-frame sunglasses. All three items are pictured.

Fall back on a beachside hammock.  Pop a refreshing piece of tropical mango delight, coated with a kick of chile spice.  Our Caribbean Mango Chile gummies pair perfectly with:

  • Hemp Beach Blanket from The Sunshine Series This 100% hemp beach blanket is easy to pack and lightweight, which is ideal for those living out of a suitcase.  It’s big enough for lounging on the sand and insanely soft.  Unlike regular content beach towels, it’s also super absorbent.  Plus, the towel is designed with underside corners that can be filled with sand to help weigh it down — genius! 
  • ‘The Fiestas’ from Colorado Glasses You can’t go on vacation or an outdoor excursion without the right sunglasses.  Colorado Glasses’ lightweight, all-wood frames are super stylish, and the polarized lenses let you see all the beauty in front of you.  Even better, they’re made locally and come with a lifetime warranty. 

For The Fruit Lover

Wander through lush thickets to reveal sun-ripened berries. Relish the bright flavor of a luscious, raspberry-filled center enveloped in our dark chocolate from South America.  Our Raspberry Bramble chocolates pair perfectly with:

  • Citrus Ceramic Pipe from Wandering Bud Enjoy an elevated smoking experience with Wandering Bud’s unique pieces.  These adorable, handmade ceramic pipes can easily sit alongside regular home décor.  Finally, no more rushing around to hide your smoking accessories from house guests!
  • ‘A Taste of Christmas’ from Honey Bear Fruit Baskets This isn’t any ordinary edible arrangement.  Though Honey Bear sources fruit from various growing regions, their festive jams and butters are made locally in Colorado!  Handcrafted with zero preservatives and top-shelf ingredients, this premium gift basket is a must for when the munchies strike.

For The Green Thumb

Walk through a summer garden, alive with color.  Fruit and herb find a zen balance when juicy blueberries meet basil-infused sugar.  Our Blueberry Basil gummies pair perfectly with:

  • Plant Decor from Flowers of Pot No watering necessary!  This faux plant featuring silk cannabis leaves is purely for decoration.  It adds a simple, natural element to any room or office.  Plus, they’re sure to make for a funny conversation starter when friends and family come to visit!
  • 3-Piece Personalized Garden Tools Set from Patience and Grace A gardener or grower is nothing without their tools.  And you can never go wrong with gifts that have a personal touch!  In addition to your loved one’s name or a custom message, the handles feature a comfortable grip.  Sturdy enough for all kinds of pruning, weeding, and digging, this set is sure to please the green thumb in your life.

For The Coffee-Lover

Nové Café Cappuccino chocolates pair perfectly with a Chemex pour over and Corvus Coffee beans. All items are pictured in this shot.

Find the perfect seat at your favorite bistro.  Breathe the aroma of fresh coffee as you bite into a bold espresso center, dusted with vanilla bean and wrapped in our South American milk chocolate.  Our Café Cappuccino chocolates pair perfectly with:

  • Pour Over Coffeemaker Starter Kit from Chemex Making great coffee means using the right equipment and high-quality beans.  Any true coffee-lover definitely needs a Chemex Coffeemaker.  This aesthetically-pleasing pour over set has everything you need to make a rich, fresh cup that accentuates flavors and makes for a pleasing morning ritual. 
  • Whole Bean Coffee from Corvus Coffee Roasters Truly, quality coffee beans make all the difference.  These from Corvus Coffee Roasters are the ultimate must-have for coffee enthusiasts looking for a diverse flavor palette.  While located in Denver, their product is sourced from farmers in countries known for their outstanding coffee history, including Columbia, Guatemala, Costa Rica, and Ethiopia.

For The Beach Bum

Let us take you to the tropics for a bayside luau.  Bask in luxury as you savor our South American dark chocolate filled with rich coconut cream and a hint of Madagascar vanilla.  Our Island Coconut chocolates pair perfectly with:

  • Stainless Steel Reusable Water Bottle from IIISOLIII Here in Colorado, we may not be able to hit the beaches yet, but there’s no reason we can’t prepare for the summer season!  It’s always good to have a refillable, sturdy water bottle that keeps your drinks cold all day.  These bottles feature a fun pot leaf pattern and are also available in a travel mug style.
  • Face + Body SPF 30 Sunscreen by Raw Elements Beach rule #1 is to never forget to put on sunscreen!  Raw Elements’ full-body sunscreen is made with hemp oil and other natural ingredients that nourish and protect your skin from UV rays.  You can even recycle your tin once it’s empty!  And don’t forget to do the same with our eco-friendly packaging.

For The Homebody

Nostalgia never tasted so good. The humble but tasty peanut reaches a new level of deliciousness when sandwiched between our milk chocolate from South America.  Our Honey Peanut Butter chocolates pair perfectly with:

  • Smoke Signals by Martin A. Lee A homebody’s heart is made up of a few things.  One of those is always having a good book on hand.  A great one that every canna-curious person should read is Smoke Signals by Martin A. Lee.  It takes a deep dive into the history of cannabis, the propaganda that caused misinformation, and the value our favorite plant provides to modern medicine.
  • Wake and Bake Smoking Coffee Mug from OddNot Homebodies also need a good mug for all their coffee and tea.  This style even comes with a built-in pipe for a convenient wake-n-bake session.  There’s no better way to start the day than with cannabis and caffeine!

Make This Holiday Season Better Than Ever

No more last minute gift shopping for you.  From the cannabis connoisseurs to the canna-curious, these presents are sure to surprise and delight!  Just don’t forget the most important inclusion: Nové Luxury Edibles.  Use our store locator to find a dispensary near you!

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We wish you all a high, happy holiday season!

Danny, a budtender at Medicine Man dispensary, reviews Nove chocolates in a recent interview. Here, he stands in front of the Aurora store's logo.

Medicine Man Budtenders Review Nové Chocolates and Share Edible Tips

Medicine Man is much more than one of Colorado’s favorite cannabis cultivations and dispensaries; it’s a family.  With stores in Denver, Aurora, Thornton, and Longmont, their meticulous focus on both high-quality cannabis at the best prices possible helped them grow to become one of the state's most beloved marijuana brands.  As one of our exclusive retailers, we asked Medicine Man budtenders to review Nové chocolates and share their favorite ways to consume edibles.

But before we get into their helpful insights, we have a fabulous reason for you to stop into one of their stores.  Throughout the entire month of November, all Nové chocolates are 30% off!  You won't be disappointed by our luxury edibles, nor the exceptional customer service Medicine Man offers.  Here's what two of their staff members had to say about their experience working in cannabis, our new products, and more.

Budtender review Nove chocolates, ranking Honey Peanut Butter as one of their favorites.  The chocolate box rests on a wooden surface next to honeycomb and loose peanuts.

Q&A with Danny and Abby, Budtenders at Medicine Man

In a nutshell, what brought you to work with Medicine Man?

Danny: I’ve been in the industry for two years and with Medicine Man for two months.  Medicine Man feels like home because the store draws in the nicest of customers and all my fellow employees collectively work together. I really like how our dispensary has large display showcases that help visitors understand our product selections.  And, I believe our cohesive, clear menus help improve that customer experience.

Abby:  I’ve worked at Medicine Man for four months and it’s my first industry job.  Previously, as a regular at Medicine Man's Thornton location, I noticed that the budtenders always appeared to be having fun, encouraging me to apply.  I love that our dispensary offers a clean and friendly environment with modern branding.  I’m sure that this, along with the fact that our store always has good vibes, help attract such great customers.  One shopper comes in every morning, looking to order his usual two grams of flower.  Others come in yelling their favorite budtenders' names!

When do you most enjoy consuming a cannabis edible?

Danny: I love edibles, and have tried literally every option that Medicine Man sells.  Generally, I consume edibles after work, hanging around the house, and when there's nothing else on the agenda.

Abby: I’m not a big drinker, and as an alcohol alternative, I'll pop an edible before a concert, while traveling, and especially when out snowboarding.  Edibles take the edge off any nervous feelings that come up when I’m riding the slopes.

Abby, a budtender at Medicine Man dispensary, stands in front of their branded icon wall.

How do you want an edible to make you feel?

Danny: I want an edible to provide a chill experience and a relaxing body high.  I’m a flower consumer too, so to keep my tolerance in check, I rotate between smoking and eating edibles.  When consuming an edible, I’m looking for potency and consistent effects from the 10-30mg I generally consume.

Abby: My favorite method to consume is flower via bong rips; but I love edibles for their discreteness, and I often consume 20-30mg before going out to an event.  In terms of effect, I want an edible to make me feel bubbly, giggly, and energetic.

As a budtender, how would you review Nové Chocolates?

Danny: Nové contains no hash flavor, which is exactly what I want and expect from an edible.  It’s a smooth, sweet, rich treat that reminds me of a Ghirardelli square.  I really love the packaging and believe the product stands out on the shelf compared to other chocolate bars, especially with its reflective elements.

Abby:  I am extremely impressed by Nové chocolates, and admit I’m picky about edibles.  There’s zero weed taste!  I don't want to eat an edible just to get high; I want to enjoy it.  Nové checks that box.  My favorite flavor is Sea Salt Caramel.

Danny, a budtender at Medicine Man dispensary, reviews Nove chocolates in a recent interview. Here, he stands in front of the Aurora store's logo.

What cannabis products would you recommend pairing with our cannabis chocolates?

Danny: I have a background as a barista, so I recommend that consumers pair Nové chocolates with infused coffee from Canyon Cultivation.  For chocolate-lovers, I also recommend incredibles, as the brand has a different feel, offering more fun flavors.

Abby: In terms of pairings, I recommend Medicine Man's Max Stax strain, which also gives me the same desired bubbly effect.  I also recommend taking Nové out with any infused cartridge, both perfect for activities on-the-go.

Get 30% Off and Review Nové Chocolates For Yourself Today!

So, what are you waiting for?  Go ahead and drop by your local Medicine Man store to stock up on all of the delicious Nové flavors.  New fans, we invite you to leave us a review on Google and our website.  We're excited for your feedback!

Four flavors of Nové Luxury Cannabis Gummies on a black background, pictured with their associated ingredients.

Nové Luxury Cannabis Gummies, Now Available in Colorado

As reported on Yahoo! Finance, MarketWatch, and AP News, among other media sources, Nové Luxury Cannabis Gummies have launched in Colorado!  Four new flavors are available to adult-use consumers, including Sunrise Lemon Rose, Blueberry Basil Garden, Arctic Cloudberry Matcha, and Caribbean Mango Chile.  Crafted with plant-based ingredients such as all-natural fruit puree, these luxury edibles are dusted with unique, aromatic sugars for a delicious texture and sweetness.

Nove Luxury Edibles' new Lemon Rose gummy on a black background, surrounded by a sprinkling of sugar.

Elevate your high, but always consume responsibly

Packages contain 100mg THC and ten gummy pieces, each dosed at 10mg THC. To ensure quality, safety, and dosage consistency, all infused products undergo triple lab testing at a certified facility.  Crafted by Medically Correct, the creators of the famed, best-selling incredibles line, our team has been manufacturing edibles since 2010.  As industry veterans, we've seen in all, and always encourage consumers to start low and go slow.  Never tried an edible?  Decadent as these new luxury cannabis gummies are, start with just half a piece and wait at least two hours before taking another bite.

Regardless, even the smallest taste provides a bit of everyday luxury.  At Nové, we encourage the idea of creating a ritual -- just as you might have for flower, collecting your favorite accessories and rolling a joint when the clock strikes 4:20.  Perhaps Sunrise Lemon Rose becomes your new favorite way to wake and bake.  Maybe Blueberry Basil Garden becomes your go-to edible to pair with a classic Blue Dream, elevating your high.

Where to find Nové Luxury Cannabis Gummies

Find new Nové Luxury Cannabis Gummies at our exclusive retailers, including Canna BoticaThe Herbal CureWolf Pac CannabisRocky Road AuroraThe Cannabis Depot, and more.  Several of these stores are running specials to celebrate our launch, as much as 50% off!  Sign up for our newsletter to stay up to date on the latest promotions and exclusive offers.
To see the full press release, click here.

A young black man holding a piece of Nove Cafe Cappuccino cannabis-infused chocolate up close to the camera.

10Buds' Guide To Buying and Consuming Cannabis Chocolates

Interested in cannabis edibles but not sure where to start?  In today's legal industry, there are a wide range of available products, from effect-specific options that encourage energy or sleep; microdosed and CBD-infused formulas; and all sorts of tasty treats, including cookies, candies, and savory selections.  You can probably guess that here at Nové, our favorite edibles are of the chocolate variety.  10Buds' guide to buying and consuming cannabis chocolates is a great resource for all your newcomer questions.

A box of Nove luxury chocolates resting next to a cappuccino on a grey slate background.

Who is 10Buds?

Guy Sherman, founder of, and his team of cannabis experts started testing and reviewing marijuana seeds, strains, infused products and more back in 2015.  Since the inception of their blog, their mission has been to highlight best-in-class companies that prioritize quality and authenticity.  What started as a passion project has grown into a large community of readers, from cannabis connoisseurs to novices looking for honest guidance.

What To Expect When Consuming Cannabis Chocolates

As 10Buds' guide shares, there are five key benefits to consuming cannabis chocolates.

  • Discretion - If you don't want to advertise your consumption, cannabis chocolates are a great solution.
  • Portability - Edibles are easy to take on-the-go!
  • Doesn't require smoking - Especially for new consumers, an edible may be less intimidating than the process of smoking or vaping.
  • Dose control - When you buy lab-tested, legal edibles, you know exactly how much THC you're consuming.
  • Pleasurable and delicious - Chocolate and cannabis are truly a match made in heaven, both scientifically and in terms of flavor!

A woman sitting on a bed with a laptop and cup of coffee, consuming cannabis chocolate edibles.

Chocolate contains anandamide, a naturally-occurring chemical known as the "bliss molecule."  It produces an effect similar to THC.  10Buds states, "when chocolate and cannabis are combined, these blissful sensations may be enhanced."  Their guide further explains how chocolate makes cannabis more readily available for the body to absorb, leading to prolonged euphoric effects.

Read 10Buds' Guide To Buying and Consuming Cannabis Chocolates Now

Curious to learn more?  Read about various cannabis chocolate varieties, how to properly store your products, and what questions to ask when selecting your ideal edible at a dispensary.  Click here to review 10Buds' ultimate guide.

Once you're educated, visit our store locator and elevate the everyday with Nové Luxury Edibles, available at select Colorado retailers.

Three squares of milk, white, and dark chocolate from Nove, resting on silk.

Where To Get THC Chocolate in Denver

Life is good.  Especially here in Colorado, where you can find THC chocolate in Denver at most dispensaries.  However, not all selections, nor brands of edibles, are created equal.  That’s why we’re here to help!

No worries if you currently don’t have any or aren’t sure where to get edibles in Denver.  We’ve put together an all-star list of nine Denver dispensaries that score high in terms of selection, store aesthetic, and customer service so you can feel confident about where you go to purchase your own.

Find THC Chocolate at Denver's Premier Dispensaries

Diego Pellicer

Diego Pellicer’s super swanky flagship location can be found in west Denver at the intersection of Alameda and Federal where they offer red carpet service. They feature a unique Bud Bar in the middle of the store with a large selection of edibles, especially a wide array of delectable chocolates.

The interior of Diego Pellicer, a premier dispensary that carries THC chocolate in Denver.


Considered the “Apple Store'' of cannabis, Euflora is a dispensary you want to show off to your out-of-town friends. Their edible selection, especially chocolates, is one of the finest in Denver.  Plus, they’re committed to delivering the best experience to everyone who sets foot into one of their dispensaries. Stop by and say high!

Oasis Cannabis Superstore

With the word “superstore” in their name, you can only imagine what to expect when you walk in.  Yes, you guessed it, they have one of the largest selections of pretty much every type of cannabis available on the CO market.  And this means TONS of chocolate edibles options.  Save some time to browse, there’s a lot to look at!

Kaya Cannabis

Kaya is about community - a community of friends, of Coloradans, and of good people.  Each month they pick local nonprofits that do amazing things and physically help them serve the community.  Now that’s great karma!  And their edibles menu is chock full of delicious THC chocolate to boot!

Simply Pure

As the first black-owned dispensary in Denver, Simply Pure was born at the very beginning of Colorado’s dispensary onset and has grown to be considered one of the best stores in CO.  They have a strong focus on sharing both their experience and knowledge about cannabis in a safe and comfortable environment.  And their chocolate selection is to die for... you’ll see!

Simply Pure dispensary in Denver's Highland neighborhood, March 19, 2019. (Kevin J. Beaty/Denverite)


Cookies began with two visionary founders: grow expert Jai, and entrepreneur Berner, whose Girl Scout Cookies (GSC) remains one of the most sought-after cannabis strains in the world.  Denver was beside itself when it was announced there’d be a Cookies store opening.  Go check out what the hype is all about and pick up some Nové while you’re at it!


LOVA is about living in the moment, expressing yourself, taking chances, and embracing life.  They’re all about the experience and everything they do is made with love.  They really want you to enjoy all that cannabis has to offer and with such an extensive and delightful array of THC chocolate, you will leave feeling oh so loved!


Tweedleaf is a store designed for the People with a capital P.  Offering an extensive variety of chocolates, you’ll surely find the perfect treat to take home with you.  And they’re amazing at helping you find the perfect product to fit your taste buds and desired experience, so feel free to spend a little extra time asking all the questions.

Colorado Harvest Company

With three locations around Denver, Colorado Harvest Company carries an extensive selection of the finest quality edibles available on the Colorado market.  They’ve even been recognized by media worldwide as both the favorite of locals and the preferred stop for out-of-state cannabis connoisseurs.

The exterior of Colorado Harvest Company, a retailer that carries THC chocolate in Denver.

Find Nové THC Chocolate in Denver and Across Colorado

Join in the celebration of just how good life can be, especially with chocolate edibles in your possession.  You may already be heading to your local dispensary, and if not, what are you waiting for?  Visit our Store Locator to find the nearest shop where you can find Nové and experience the luxury.

Go ahead, treat yourself!

Red wine, board with cheese, fruit, almonds and olives, candles, decorative flowers on kitchen counter and womans hand pouring wine to glass, white wall at background. Winery, wine tasting concept

A Guide to Pairing Wine with Nové Luxury Cannabis Chocolates

Celebrate National Wine Day with A Luxurious Pairing

This year, National Wine Day falls right around the corner on May 25th.  And while one of mankind’s oldest and most popular beverages doesn’t really need a special day to inspire people to imbibe, we love a reason to celebrate!  All vino experts would agree that chocolate is a beautiful complement to nearly any vintage.  So to help you craft a luxurious experience, we've created the ultimate guide to pairing wine with Nové Luxury Cannabis Chocolates.

Flat-lay of red, rose and white wine in glasses over grey concrete background, top view. Wine bar, winery, wine degustation concept

A Holiday for Every Form of Wine

For all you wine and chocolate fans, and for those who want an excuse to throw a party, mark your calendars!  In our research, we found that there are more than twenty special days throughout the year to drum up interest in vintages of all hues, aromas, and tastes from all around the world.  Some of these holidays include:

  • Feb. 18: National Drink Wine Day (don't have to tell us twice!)
  • April 17: International Malbec Day
  • May 9: National Moscato Day
  • May 27: National Chardonnay Day
  • June 11: National Rosé Day
  • Aug. 18: National Pinot Noir Day
  • Oct. 15: National Champagne Day
  • Nov. 7: International Merlot Day
  • Dec. 5: National Cabernet Day

So many of these varieties deliciously pair with Nové Cannabis Chocolates, the new, premium edible from Medically Correct, one of Colorado's oldest and most reputable cannabis companies.  Trust us, these pairings are going to forever change your happy hour ritual -- it might even be your new favorite way to elevate the everyday!  Let's dive in.

A shot of a young, brunette woman with tattoos eating a piece of Nove Cannabis Chocolates

How To Safely Consume Cannabis and Alcohol

Let's be honest: mixing cannabis and alcohol can be problematic, and some of us may have had a negative experience.  But consumed responsibly, the tastes and effects of both substances can create a sort of harmony.  The trick is to always start low and go slow.

Remember, each person's tolerance and body chemistry is different, so it's important to know your personal limits and abide by them for the best experience.  Thankfully, you can be confident in our lab testing and know that a square of Nové cannabis chocolate is accurately dosed with 10mg of THC, bringing on effects in 30 minutes to 2 hours.  That said, dose for your desired effect, cutting the piece into halves or even quarters.  Though our chocolates are filled, the creamy centers are stable enough to slice through without making a mess.

Our suggestion is to pair quarter-pieces (2.5mg THC) with 2-ounce pours of wine.  That way, if you try four combinations, you've only consumed the standard adult dose of 10mg THC, along with a single glass of wine.  Try placing a small bit of chocolate in your mouth, letting it melt a little, then taking a sip.  Follow with another sip, which you'll likely find to be similar to the first, but interestingly different -- milder, more rounded, and less sweet as the wine takes over.  Cleanse your palette with a starchy cracker or a cooling drink of cucumber water, then sample your next pairing!  It's all about the experience, elevating your mood and perception without overdoing it.

Nove luxury cannabis chocolates on a gold platter next to a decanter and champagne flutes. Enjoy wine and cannabis chocolates this National Wine Day!

The Benefits and Delights of Cannabis, Chocolate, and Wine

Cannabis, chocolate, and wine have a common element that lends to the distinctive, interesting qualities of different varieties.  All three contain terpenes that create distinctive aroma and taste and provide therapeutic effects.  All are believed to offer multiple health benefits, such as pain, anxiety, and insomnia relief.  And, of course, they’re good at stimulating conversation, sociability, and may even act as aphrodisiacs.

Here's a pro tip from our friends who love wine: from grocery store bargain brands to the private trove of vineyard owners, drink reds a little cooler than you’d think and whites a little warmer.  When you see instructions to serve at “room temperature,” think 60 degrees Fahrenheit.  The taste will be richer, more full, and strike more subtle notes.  The strong reds, sweet whites, and rich ports will stand up better and show their subtle undertones even against the powerful flavors of chocolate, fruits, and sugars.  Be sure to drink the bottle within the first 48-hours of uncorking!

Note that not all wines and chocolates taste good together, and not all pairings are intuitive.  If you take a swallow of a beautiful, dry red wine while you have a chunk of fine, dark chocolate in your mouth, the terpenes may clash, and the chocolate will taste bitter and sour -- and not in a good way.

To you sommeliers and aspiring connoisseurs, the trick with wine is to find what you like and go with it.  Let no one dissuade you from your preferences.  Just like your tolerance, your flavor preferences are unique, too.  If one kind of wine tastes undesirable to you with a certain Nové flavor, make note, move forward, and try something else.  Undoubtedly, there's something in these pairing suggestions that will appeal to you!

Red wine, board with cheese, fruit, almonds and olives, candles, decorative flowers on kitchen counter and womans hand pouring wine to glass, white wall at background. Winery, wine tasting concept

How To Pair Wine with Nové Luxury Cannabis Chocolates

Nové chocolates come in six different flavors, which like different kinds of wines, create new worlds of possibilities, pairings, and taste experiments.  You’ll discover many delicious combinations and maybe fall in love with the pungent flash of dark chocolate against a full-bodied red.  Maybe you'll become inspired to gather your wine and cannabis-loving friends for a tasting party, comparing notes and creating interesting, experiential menus.

Here are a few of our favorite suggestions to get you started!

Raspberry Bramble with Full-Bodied Reds

Strong reds like Zinfandels, Cabernet Sauvignons, and Merlots go well with dark chocolates, like our 60% cacao Raspberry Bramble bar.  These wines are full-bodied and can stand up to the bitterness of dark chocolate while still offering enough fruit flavors to complement the sweetness.

A couple of lovely mid-range Californian Merlots include the 2016 Pahlmeyer Merlot from the Napa Valley region; and the award-winning 2018 Merlot by Arietta Hudson Vineyards.  Note that either of these wines should pair well with our other dark chocolate flavor, Island Coconut.

Island Coconut with Fruit Elements

Pair our tropical, dark chocolate confection with the 2018 Three Palms Vineyards Merlot by Duckhorn Vineyards, another Napa Valley award winner.  Having received the "wine of the year" award by Wine Spectator and ranked in the top 100 worldwide by Wine and Spirits, we trust this vineyard to provide supreme quality.

Alternatively, pair this flavor with their Cabernet Sauvignon sourced from the Rutherford wine-growing region.  Truly, any of their oak-aged Cabernets will beautifully pair with this Nové flavor, having fruit-forward elements and firm structure.

Need a value-driven option for anyone's dinner table?  Visit Clos Pegase vineyard's website; we love their 2018 Merlot and warm, well-balanced 2019 Syrah.

Glacier Mint with Rich Ports

Conventional wisdom is that your dessert wine should be sweeter than the dessert itself, which in this case, is our Glacier Mint cannabis-infused chocolate.  Pair with a fortified, sweet red wine, like those from Niepoort, an authentic, Portugal-based vineyard grown in the world's oldest region, the Douro Valley.

If you'd rather not import, check out your local shops; we highly recommend choosing a Tawny Port over all other varieties, as the raspberry, cinnamon, and fig notes will pair beautifully.

Honey Peanut Butter with White Ports

Honey, peanut butter, and milk chocolate are all strong, sweet flavors, and again, will complement a port dessert wine perfectly. Consider a white port, having flavors of apricot, baked apples, and roasted nuts.  The warmth of this type of vintage will match the earthiness of our peanut butter filling.

Other sweet wines to try include MadeiraMarsala, and Amontillado/Oloroso Sherry.  Remember, these are “sipping wines.”  Don’t go too heavy on this to avoid tomorrow morning's hangover!

Cafe Cappuccino with Bright Acidity

White chocolate is made of cocoa butter, sugar, and milk.  It melts in your mouth with sweet touches of cream and honey, a delightful balance with Nové’s cappuccino filling.  Look for bright white and rose wines that can blend with the sweetness of the candy.

A sparkling asti spumante (think Italian champagne) complements the white chocolate flavors, and who doesn't love a glass of bubbly?  You might also like this mid-level 2019 Riesling Spätlese Norheimer Kirschheck by Donnhoff , or this lovely 2005 French sauterne by Chateau Lafaurie-Peyraguey.  Alternatively, consider a beautiful Pinot Noir or Beaujolais; all wines low in tannins will be a great choice.

Sea Salt Caramel with Sweet Flavors

Like many of our sweeter Nové truffles, the Sea Salt Caramel flavor will pair best with a glass of strong, sweet wine.  Get the party started and pair this with a trendy, fizzy red wine like Otello Lambrusco, grown in the Emilia-Romagna region of Italy.  Though available in dry, semi-sweet, or sweet versions, we actually suggest going against the norm and pairing this bar with a dry variety.  Lambrusco is one dry red that many people enjoy with sweets because it's less likely to be overpowered.

Moscato d'Asti and Asti Spumante are often paired with caramel-centric dishes, and Tawny Port, which has a delightful, nutty finish is extremely good with caramel -- and chocolate, for that matter!  Ice wines are rare since they are made of grapes that froze on the vine, but they’re exceptionally sweet, made of quality grapes, and should go well with this or any other Nové flavor.

happy friends having fun outdoors - Mid age people enjoying time together at bar - 40s and friendship concept - Hands toasting red and white wine glass at city bar outdoor during sunset

Wine and Cannabis Chocolates in Colorado

Thanks for reading our thoughts and suggestions; but more importantly, it's time for you to take a journey of the senses!  Did you know that Colorado is home to not only a rapidly growing cannabis industry but wine cultivation as well?  Our sunny state's soil and weather create an interesting take on world-class wines, and touring some of our favorite vineyards in Palisade and beyond is highly recommended!

Remember to take your favorite Nové flavor (or two or three) on your road trip!  Until then, enjoy celebrating National Wine Day with the help of these prized vintages and a trip to your local dispensary.