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9 Ways To Ritualize Your Edible Experience with Nové Luxury Chocolates

Rituals have been around practically since the beginning of time. Whatever the reasoning behind them, people have an intention when creating rituals. History shows cannabis was often used by many different cultures and ancient civilizations for multiple purposes, including ceremonial rituals. So how can this all be applied when talking about marijuana edibles in today's world?

Different Ways You Can Enhance Your Chocolate Edible Ritual

The good news is you don’t need to build an altar to have a and edible ritual! To help get you started, we put together a list of 9 ways you can elevate every day with your Nové Luxury Chocolates.

  1. Put some movement into your ritual by doing yoga

    Yoga and cannabis are pretty much synonymous with one another. There are even books talking about the overarching benefits of combining both. Ingesting a chocolate edible can heighten your senses and calm your mind of other distractions during your practice. Some people say they even felt more in tune with their body and connected better with the poses.
    Woman practicing yoga in various poses (asana)

  2. Make your luxury chocolate edible a nightly treat

    Our decadent, filled chocolates make the perfect dessert! Eating one 30 minutes or so before going to bed can get you prepped for a deep night’s sleep, leaving you feeling well-rested for the next day.

  3. Keep feeling soothed and relaxed with a warm bath

    Nothing quite beats a warm bath with low lights, scented candles, and a chocolate edible. Throw in CBD-infused bath salts for an extra dose of relaxation!

  4. Pair your edible with other cannabis products

    Chocolate and cannabis can help boost your level of ‘happy hormones’ when paired together. The different flavor profiles for flower and other cannabis products will complement the chocolate. We go into even more detail about this in another blog about which cannabis strains we found would go great with our various chocolate edible flavors!

  5. Remain mindful and present when unboxing the package

    When we’re constantly moving or involved in other activities, it can be hard to slow down and take our time. Instead of ripping open the box, take the time to appreciate what you’re doing. Breathe in the fresh, chocolatey aroma and really indulge in that first bite.An image of a female model with curly hair indulging in a piece of Nove luxury chocolates.

  6. Set the mood with lighting and music

    Remember, these are luxury marijuana chocolates, not just another box of candy from the store! Ambient lighting and good music can make a huge difference in your attitude and mindset. Prep your space with whatever kind of vibe fits you best.

  7. Try going for a walk or hike through nature

    There’s a reason so many people love spending time outdoors after consuming cannabis. Not only is it incredibly tranquil, but it’s a great way to escape and recharge from daily stressors.

  8. Take it with your morning coffee

    Two of the best C’s in the dictionary: cannabis and coffee. If you want a good start to your day, having a THC edible is the way to go! And who said you can’t have chocolate for breakfast? Pro tip: drop a square of our Cafe Cappuccino flavor into your mug for a delicious creamer alternative.
    Nove cannabis-infused luxury chocolates resting on a small plate with raspberries; the plate rests on a breakfast tray. Discover your edible ritual.

  9. Put on your favorite movie or show

    After a long week, treating yourself to delicious edibles and a weekend of Netflix and chill sounds like a good place to start! Watching your favorite movie or TV show will only add to the euphoric and content feelings you’ll have after indulging in world-class marijuana chocolate. 

Let Your Edible Ritual Be a Reflection of Your Personality and Enjoyment with Cannabis!

We all have our own rituals, whether we’re conscious of them or not. Creating one for cannabis is far from unheard of and can bring new meaning to the idea of holistic wellness. Just as you might have your favorite papers and methods of rolling up a joint, we want you to adopt an edible ritual that can forever transform your overall experience.

Elevating a person’s day by offering an affordable, luxury experience is our mission at Nové. We know even ordinary days deserve a touch of indulgence. Only the best ingredients and a team of culinary experts would suffice when making our edibles. That’s because we believe your cannabis ritual should be one of your favorite parts of your day.

What does your edible ritual look like? Tag us on Instagram at @noveisluxury so we can gush over it! Also, don’t forget to stock up on your favorite chocolate edible flavor. There’s nothing worse than reaching for an empty wrapper!

Five Ways to Include Nové Cannabis Chocolates At Your Next Dinner Party

Dinner parties, a social ritual of the ages that bring together friends of old and new to enjoy a great meal and great company. While there are many brilliant tips out there on how to throw a fabulous dinner party, when you add cannabis to said party, your guests are truly in for a night of delight, creativity, and stimulating conversation.

The first decision you’ll need to make is choosing between cooking with cannabis or keeping the meal un-infused. You can offer infused dishes in each course by adding cannabis oil to the recipes. This gets your guests royally lit. Or you offer cannabis to accompany the meal. This allows them to choose their own level of elevation.

A Dinner Party With Cannabis Is A Fun And Delicious Experience

For timing purposes, you’ll want to keep in mind that eating cannabis does take longer to kick in, and it also provides a more potent experience. This is due to the delta-9 THC (what most refer to as THC) passing through the digestive system. This is where it’s then converted into 11-hydroxy-THC, prior to passing through the blood-brain barrier. Once it crosses the blood-brain barrier, it is far more potent. It creates a more intense experience than the unconverted THC. Fun party trivia right there!

If you know your guests have a high tolerance, then a fully infused meal is likely the way to go. If your guests have lower tolerances or typically prefer to be in full control of their THC dosages, keep the dishes cannabis-free. Instead, offer joints and/or precisely dosed elegant edibles such as Nové. This also minimizes the big OOPS of over-consumption, something the host and guests alike can appreciate.

cannabis chocolate

Now that you have all this in mind, here are 5 ways to include Nové cannabis chocolates at your next dinner party.

  1. Create an artistic arrangement of Nové on a beautiful serving dish and offer them to your guests upon arrival. This sets the tone for the night and gives them an opportunity to dose themselves early on, allowing the full effects to set in during the peak of the dinner party.
  2. Package each piece in its own small ornate gift bag labeled with each guest’s name. Display them creatively on an entry table with a decorative sign or tabletop chalkboard instructing them to find theirs, open it, set an intention for the evening, then eat it slowly as they get settled in.
  3. Another way to offer the named gift bags from #3 is to use them as seat markers. When your guests are seated have everyone open them together, set a group intention. Then eat them all at the same time. Make a ceremony out of it!
  4. Incorporate the chocolates into a decadent homemade dessert. Ideas include vanilla ice cream in fancy glasses, topped with a piece of Nové. Or add a bit more luxury with a petit four and Nové chocolate arrangement, served with tea or espresso. A slam-dunk!
  5. Be an extra fabulous host by gifting each guest some Nové to take home to savor in the comfort of their own home. Who doesn’t like a goody bag after a dinner party, especially when it’s luxurious cannabis chocolate?

However, you choose to include Nové cannabis chocolates at your next dinner party, just have fun and let us know how it all goes!

Craft Chocolate and Cannabis: Two Great Tastes That Work in Harmony

You know when two absolutely incredible people marry each other, and you think to yourself –of course!? Well, insert cannabis and chocolate, two legendary and beloved plants of ancient and modern times whose effects are quite similar and synergistic. Let’s dive into the benefits of bringing them together so you can fully grasp why craft chocolate and cannabis are two great tastes that work together harmoniously.

Chocolate enhances the edible cannabis experience

Chocolate of single and craft origin

Let’s start with the term craft. It describes using human hands to cultivate, care for, and process a product, placing the utmost importance on quality. This allows elements of love and passion to be infused and is why large-scale manufacturing brands cannot even compare to craft chocolate.

Now add in single-origin, where the cacao beans are grown in one specific country or region. The location’s climate, soil, and harvesting methods create a unique signature flavor profile that captures the natural aromas. If your chocolate is of single-origin, you’re dealing with craft chocolate.

We craft our infused chocolate with responsibly sourced cacao from farmers in South America, specifically Peru and Colombia. Although importing cacao in this way has its complexities, it fosters transparency. Our chocolate can be traced back to the farmer.

Chocolate and cannabis are individually fabulous

The multitude of compounds in cannabis, primarily cannabinoids, have been linked to numerous health benefits. These include relief of chronic pain, multiple sclerosis, arthritis, and anxiety, to treating depression, epilepsy, autism, PTSD, and inflammatory issues. Thanks to the presence of flavonoids, dark chocolate offers its own health benefits. These include improved blood pressure and the risk of cardiovascular disease, as well as improving cognitive and digestive function. These two sacred substances certainly offer a wealth of health!

Here’s how chocolate enhances the experience – scientifically

Now let’s look at the chemical synergy of chocolate and cannabis. They each affect the brain in similar ways. Cacao beans produce a type of cannabinoid that the body itself also produces, called anandamide, a neurotransmitter that has a very similar chemical structure to THC. It binds with the same receptors that THC does. It carries the nickname, “the bliss molecule.” Ananda means ‘internal bliss’ in Sanskrit, due to the pleasurable effects it offers, which also mimics the pleasurable effects of THC. Anandamide plays an important role in managing issues such as pain, mood, and appetite. Not only does chocolate contain this “bliss molecule,” but also cannabinoid breakdown inhibitors. This allows compounds such as anandamide and THC to stick around longer so their effects can be enjoyed longer.

Theobromine, derived from Theobroma, the name of the genus of the cacao tree, which itself is made up of the Greek roots theo (“god”) and broma (“food”), meaning “food of the gods”. It is an alkaloid and caffeine-relative in chocolate and a known vasodilator that helps deliver nutrients and chemicals into the tissues. This is why it’s believed to be responsible for enhancing the effects of anandamide, THC, and other cannabinoids.

Many of the cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant, such as THC, are only soluble in fat. This means that they won’t circulate throughout your brain and body without fat present to extract them. Instead, they will break down in your digestive tract and pass outside of your body. When chocolate is infused with cannabis, the naturally occurring fat from the cocoa butter supplies the necessary lipid for the body to process cannabinoids.

So, you’ve got THC, anandamide, and theobromine -a harmonious blend of compounds to create a magically delicious euphoric effect.


With bean-to-bar sophistication and high-quality cannabis distillate from craft cannabis, Nové chocolates taste delectable. They are never hashy, due to the rich flavor of the chocolate. Since cannabis heightens awareness on all levels, you notice more of the subtle flavors and effects. And both are beneficial to the body – so there’s no guilt!

“Cannabis and chocolate are two of the most enjoyable pleasures you can consume. Why wouldn’t you want the finest craft chocolate and cannabis fused together if pleasure is what you seek?” says Philip Wolf of Cultivating Spirits, a private cannabis pairing dinner company.

Go ahead and indulge in something that provides so much pleasure. Discover both tastes at their finest with Noveisluxury.com. And remember to keep your delectable edibles away from children!

Nové ~ Elevate the Everyday. Learn more at Noveisluxury.com

Pairing chocolate with cannabis: Nové eliminates guesswork

Chocolate and cannabis come from plants that seem to be made for each other. When paired together, the chocolate edible flavors and experience are enhanced.

“Cacao beans produce anandamide, which binds to the same receptors in the brain as THC and produces the joyful feelings all chocolate lovers crave,” Seattle chocolatier Claire MacKenzie told Thrillist.

Chocolate and cannabis interact and increase the production of “happy hormones” in the brain. And cannabis makes stuff taste better –as if chocolate wasn’t delicious enough.

There are many types of chocolate and many kinds of cannabis, so figuring out the strains and flavors that complete each other and their effect on you can be daunting. Don’t worry. You don’t have to research chocolate from different origins or count terpenes. We’ll do it for you.

Nové Offers 6 Perfect Match Chocolate Edible Flavors

Nove is a new brand of cannabis-infused chocolates that comes in a variety of six flavors. Pairing the cannabis with a well-chosen flower creates a delightful, blissful experience.

Chocolate and Flower Pairing for the best chocolate edible flavors:

Elevate the Everyday Honey-Roasted Peanut Butter

Nothing goes better with peanut butter than sweet, silky chocolate. Try it with a dank OG strain whose high terpene value produces lots of flavor and aroma. The chocolate and peanut flavors are strong enough not to be overpowered by the classic fuel, skunk, and spice tones of OG.

Check out Grape strains, too, which are descendants of the blueberry family and go especially well with peanut butter. Combine them in an homage to everybody’s favorite lunch-sack sandwich. Blue Dream is a delightful, mild starter strain. There are many others

Sea Salt Caramel

Imagine crunching into a caramel apple that tingles on the taste buds, calms the body and the mind until soon all you see, hear, and feel makes you want to giggle. The creamy, sweet candy paired with a Sour Apple strain’s salty, sweet and sour flavors will make you feel like you’re walking down the state fair midway on a crisp autumn night, floating through the bright, neon lights and the tinkly music riding the flashing, spinning Ferris wheel.

Sour Diesel is a good match, too, with a similar strong flavor profile that complements the chocolate and excites conversation, creativity, and generally happy thoughts.

Island Coconut

Take a little trip to Hawaii on the wings of Pineapple Express–or experience the next best thing. It’s one of the most complex, flavorful buds on the menu, all apple, mango, pineapple, pine, and cedar. The combination is energizing and a happy and delicious way to power through an afternoon of backed-up work or find the inspiration to undertake a new creative project.

Sour Lemon strain is another citrusy, Sativa hybrid that combines well with dark chocolate and coconut, is great for social events and getting through a busy day. It also helps ease any aches and pains you picked up after leg day at the gym.

Raspberry Bramble

Chocolate and raspberries are responsible for some of the greatest desserts on the planet. Mix in a few puffs of a cheesy strain, and you’ve really got something. Grilled Cheese is a mix of strong, cheesy terpenes with a citrusy aftertaste. Both go well with edible cannabis, smooth dark chocolate, and sharp, raspberry undertones. It’s a mellow, meditative buzz, good for a Sunday afternoon when you just want to relax and think a few things over.

Blue Cheese is a medical strain that is pungent but not nearly as strong-tasting as its namesake. The hybrid creates a good mix for anybody feeling stressed–and who doesn’t these days? It’s also good for muscle spasms, backache, and general aches and pains.

Cafe Cappuccino

Ah, coffee and cream. It calls out for Sticky Buns, with a smell and taste like cinnamon rolls, and it even has hints of vanilla, like the icing. It’s a hybrid, it’s sticky (of course)and produces a strong cerebral high that may get you up and go –like coffee. Talk about flavors that compliment:

Cherry Pie tastes and smells just like its name, a good thing when you’re pairing with the rich sweetness of Café Cappucino. The giddy, euphoric, happy waves hit you fast and last a long time.

Glacier Mint

Pair with GSC. Our Glacier Mint chocolate goes just right with the sweet, minty, cherry, lemony flavor of this strain. Caution: GSC is known to be high in THC, so know your tolerance, and as always, go low and slow to start.

Boy Scout Cookies are a little less intense than their big sister. But it comes with the same delightful smells and flavor, along with relaxation, happy thoughts that ease you into a restful sleep. The people who love this hybrid really, really love it. Go easy and learn how you react, which is always good advice. There are plenty of cookie strains you can sample, each a little different.

Learn more about the Nové Chocolate Story and share with us your favorite luxury chocolate edible flavors.